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Design Stages

The technology available today for irrigation systems is sophisticated and varied. The processes of obtaining information and selecting appropriate components and materials to provide a quality system is difficult and time consuming, processes that requires the services of experienced personnel specialising in the field of irrigation. This is where we come in:

Irrigation Design Processes

Total Irrigation Designers will arrange an initial consultation to discuss the needs and requirements for your project, and gather site information. A fee proposal is then submitted to you, clearly outlining what services are being offered and what work will be carried out for the fee.

Our designs, plans and specifications are compiled and produced using computer drafting systems (Auto CAD®) combined with computer programs written specifically for irrigation system needs, including Winspace® and SpacePro®.

Total Irrigation Designers are committed to Economical Sustainable Development and preserving our most precious resource - water! We therefore specialise in water storage, water harvesting and recycling systems.

Our fee is usually a very small percentage of the installed value of the system. You, the client, can be assured of a high quality designed system at the very best value for your money!

Project Types

Since its formation in 1995, Total Irrigation Designers has attracted a number of high profile clients from:

  • Councils, Sporting Fields and Authorities
  • Housing Estates
  • Golf Courses
  • Hockey Field Systems
  • Racecourses
  • Commercial and Residential Markets
  • Waterfall and Water Features

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